Bronwyn Wrobel

Welcome! I'm Bronwyn, your Modern Myztic. I work with Spirit to offer expereinces of healing, inspiration, truth and peace. As a Psychic Medium, I channel messages about your past, present & future as well as messages from your departed loved ones.

My psychic abilities include clairvoyance, which is the ability to 'see.' I see visual images in my mind, which are often symbolic & have to be interpreted. I utilize clairsentience, which is the ability to 'feel' emotions & sensations in my physical body. I often 'hear' words in my mind which is known as clairaudience. And sometimes I just 'know' information that's coming through in the form of claircognizance.

When participating in mediumship, your loved ones optomize all my clairs in delivering healing messages to you. I often 'see' your loved one in my mind's eye. I often 'hear' the departed 'speak', but rather than hearing their voice, I download the meaning of their words through claircognizance. They offer me sensations and emotions that are unique to your bond. Sometimes they simply 'transmit' the healing messages & validations they know you need to hear.

I'm passionate about connecting with people who need support, encouragement & healing that can only come from the Divine. I'm honored to be a channel & a trusted guide on your journey toward understanding, wholeness & empowerment. My goal is for you to receive the insight & support you need to continue on your path with a sense of peace & connection.